The cider season

A region so well known for its food just has to have the perfect accompaniment to wash down a meal.

Cider is one of the locally-produced beverages par excellence: it is a seasonal produce made with the fruit of our apple trees using traditional methods.

The cider season runs from the second fortnight in January until the end of April (although bottled cider is available all year round).

Traditionally, the cider houses would offer allow buyers to taste cider from the different barrels, or kupelas, before choosing the one they liked best.

It is one of the region´s oldest traditional drinks, a tradition that can be savoured in every sip, whether it´s from a bottle sipped in a glass clinked together in a friendly toast or whether it´s straight from the “txotx” or barrel.

The cider restaurants are the places to go to have the full-on “txotx” experience and find out about the world of cider-making and cider drinking and the accompanying food featuring succulent steak and codfish tortilla. You can also go on guided visits to the cider producers and apple orchards.