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Harriak: the game of painting and hiding stones arrives in Vitoria

The Harriak stone game has reached Vitoria through social networks with groups such as HarriakAraba or HarriakGasteiz.

The game of painted and hidden stones has arrived in Vitoria. On January 29, 4 friends created the HarriakAraba group on Facebook with the aim that children were entertained, “although more and more people are getting encouraged.” In fact, the Facebook group has already reached almost 2,000 followers. To be part of it, you just have to make an application.

The game consists of painting a stone. You hide it, you take a photo to give a clue of where it is hidden and the rest of the people go out to look for it. If you find it, you upload a photo saying that you found it. In case you want to keep it, you have to put more stones in motion. So you can keep playing.

To prevent the stones from getting lost, different hashtags are used: #hidden when you hide a stone of yours, #found when you find it and #rebounded if you have found someone’s and hide it again.

It is also important to put with an hastag the #place or # neighborhood where you have found or hidden the stone.

To paint the stones it is best to use acrylic paint or marker and then varnish it or use transparent nail lacquer to protect them from water and cold. Regarding the subject, it is free although there are people who use themes. In addition, behind the stone it is important to write Facebook HarriakAraba to know who belongs to the group.

The idea is underway in different cities and communities with the intention that the stones travel as much as possible. Although, with the current restrictions, now that is not possible.

Solidarity stone

From HarriakAraba they have also thrown a solidarity stone. It is a stone divided into squares with a drawing on one of them so that as people find it, they draw on another square and hide it again.


Harriak Gasteiz

Recently Yolanda has also created the HarriakGasteiz group on Facebook and Instagram. A private non-profit initiative to promote creativity, art, surprise and enthusiasm through playing with painted stones.

“Based on the game of stones, I also want to visualize the city of Vitoria linked to different local initiatives.” In this way, she has created several thematic stones for Women’s Day, in favor of the continuous day or for Father’s Day, among others.

In HarriakGasteiz the game also consists of painting the stones and hiding them using the hashtag #escondida and #encontrada. “A game for all ages where the most important thing is to enjoy painting.” As in other groups, behind the stone you have to write @harriakgasteiz so that people who find the stone on the street know which group it belongs to.

There is also the possibility that people who like to paint stones and do not want to leave them on the street show them with the hashtag #piedrasolidaria. And it is that the objective of HarriakGasteiz is “to inspire to create, to paint and to be more excited.”


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